The top question right now is:

Can I get a massage?

Answer: YES!

I have been cleared by the Department of Health to provide massage. We are practicing extra sanitation and other protocols to help keep each other safe from spreading Covid-19. You can read more about what I am doing to prevent the spread here. If you have specific Covid-related massage questions, please email me!


Q: Do I have to be naked?

A: No. You will undress to your level of comfort, and I can do effective bodywork even if you remain fully clothed! I have many clients who undress completely (personal areas always remain covered by the massage sheets), and I have some clients who keep their underwear, socks, or even their pants on. It's totally up to you. With less clothing, I have more approaches available to treat the muscles, but the main point is for you to be as clothed as you need to be to relax and feel safe.


Q: Should I tip?

A: My prices reflect what I feel is a fair market price for my services. If you would like to offer me a gratuity, I will not decline, but I will also never expect compensation above my set fee. 


Q: Do you take insurance?

A: I do not accept health insurance, and I do not bill to car insurance companies. If you would like to receive a receipt so that you can submit your own claims and get reimbursed, I can provide you a receipt. 


Q: Will the massage hurt?

A: When working in an area with a chronic condition, there can be discomfort at times. We will communicate clearly so that we are working in a way that will benefit your system and be within the limits of your tolerance for discomfort. You, the client, are always in control of your massage and how deeply I work. In addition, I will do soothing, relaxing work in between treating the trouble spots, so that your nervous system can remain calm. 


Q: What kind of massage lotion/oil do you use? 

A: My go-to full body massage oil is Clear Results massage oil by Biotone. It is made primarily of canola oil with vitamin-fortified oils including jojoba and aloe vera. For a complete list of ingredients, click here. I also use 100% shea butter at times, particularly on rough, dry, or cracked feet. Additionally, I offer the use of Cannabis Basics Love Yourself Massage Oil (yummy lavender & tangerine, or unscented) for an additional $5 per massage. Occasionally I will spot-treat for pain or foot problems with a CHABA/CBD product or Biofreeze  gel at no additional cost, at my discretion (and with client's permission). I also have an array of optional essential oils for aromatherapy at no additional cost. Also available is Soothing Touch Body Butter, a luxurious blend that includes shea butter and cocoa butter, in a variety of fragrances, available for use on your feet only or full body. If you have a particular type of lotion or oil that you would like to bring for me to use, please ask me about it. Many products are just fine to use (like coconut oil), while others don't give me the grip I need to do a proper job (like most over-the-counter lotions). 


Q: Can I bring my own cannabis-infused oil for you to use on me?

A: If the product is CHABA-- that is, if the manufacturer guarantees the product to have less than 0.3% THC in it-- then, yes. Otherwise, no-- using an oil that is not guaranteed by the manufacturer to be CHABA is a Class C felony. 


Q: How long will the massage be?

A: I like to give people the full length of the scheduled time on the table. This means that if you book a 60 minute massage, I want to be working hands-on with you for 60 minutes. Please allow an extra 20 minutes beyond your massage time, so that we have time to talk for 5-10 minutes beforehand about your needs and expectations, a full 60 (or 90, or 120) minutes on the table, and another 5-10 minutes afterwards to talk about stretches, posture, and other techniques you can consider for self-care between massages.


Q: Will you be adding to this FAQ in the future?

A: Yes!