Pet Sitting and Animal Massage 

I love animals. I've had decades of experience working with pets, including my first dog-walking job when I was eight years old. I've worked as a veterinary assistant and boarding kennel supervisor, and I've volunteered at PAWS.


I have a lot of patience and love for special-needs pets, including the timid, shy ones, or ones needing medical care like sub-cue fluids or pills. I'm experienced with a wide variety of dogs (from chihuahuas to Great Danes and everything inbetween), cats, birds, rabbits, and even a variety of rodents. (Have you ever heard of a degu? They're so cute!)


Animals enrich my life. They are my friends, so I treat them with the best care, like a good friend does, going out of my way to make sure they feel safe and loved. I feel like animals are my equals, and that I am in relationship with them (as opposed to having ownership over them like they are objects). And yet I also recognize that I also have a responsibility to care for them and keep them out of harm. Basically I treat them like they are really smart kids. :)  Ultimately I'm "the boss," but I also talk to them about what they need and and want and like, and when it's appropriate, I let them guide our course, following their cues about whether it's playtime or nap time. When I spend the night in your home, I give your pets a lot of focused attention, so that they can look forward to our visits instead of mourning the absence of their people. I help them feel at home, even when their human family are out of town.

Because of my ease in interacting with pets, I also offer Animal Consultations. I am available to visit with your pet for a minimum of one hour, and using a combination of animal communication, educated observation, and physical evaluation & assessment, I can relay information to you about your pet's health, behavior, mood, and desires. I have helped many people and their pets live healthier happier lives. Sometimes this means discovering ailments that need veterinary care, other times it means figuring out a way to make a pet's life more comfortable (favorite toys, new bed, whatever they need/want). If I am unable to offer any insights, there is no charge, so it's a no-risk service! 

My base rate for Overnight Pet-Sitting starts at $65/night for up to two pets. Each additional pet is another $5/night, and extreme medical needs (such as sub-cue fluids) is an additional $5/night. This includes feeding 1-2 times per day, 1-2 walks per day (for dogs), playtime and petting and snuggles, cleaning the litterbox (for cats), and staying overnight in your home. I do give massage during the day, so your pet needs to be accustomed to being alone for several hours. With enough advance notice, I can sometimes coordinate a lighter massage schedule during my stay. I do not stay with pets under 1 year of age or pets who need round-the-clock supervision. 

My rate for Animal Consultation begins at $30 for a one hour visit. If this visit is inconclusive, there is no charge, and I will recommend we follow up with a two hour visit for $45. Usually I can get some good information by this point, but occasionally there are circumstances in which I am still unclear after a two hour visit. If this happens, I will recommend an overnight visit for $60.

The Animal Consultation is always complimentary with any Overnight Pet-Sitting.


In addition to the above, I have completed part of my studies in Small Animal Massage at the Northwest School of Animal Massage. Though I am not yet certified to charge for these services, many clients love receiving my practice work.  

To read about what others say regarding my pet services, please visit my TESTIMONIALS page. 


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