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Be Edition Aromatherapy Pulse Point Oil 10ml

Be Edition Aromatherapy Pulse Point Oil 10ml

SKU: m6l6wfp1

Immerse yourself in the benefits of aromatherapy on the go, packaged in life-affirming statements to achieve wellness for mind, body and soul.

Made with 100% pure essential oils and a nourishing vitamin E carrier oil, the Be Edition aromatherapy pulse point oil is perfect for soothing tensions, uplifting moods, and promoting relaxation to nourish your body and mind.

Be Still Essential Oil Roll On - Lavender, Rose and Vetiver
Find harmony with this calming blend to help ease away anxiety, insomnia, nervousness and muscle pain.

Be Lifted Essential Oil Roll On - Bergamot, Geranium and Frankincense
This uplifting and balancing blend is designed to support the emotional balance required to boost your mood and promote a sense of well-being.

Be Revived Essential Oil Roll On - Spearmint, Orange and Myrrh
Sunshine in a bottle creates an expression of positive vibes and utter happiness with this uplifting and energising blend.

Be Alive Essential Oil Roll On - Mandarin, Grapefruit and Lime
Revitalise your mindset with this motivating blend to help supercharge your energy levels.

Be Bold Essential Oil Roll On - Rosemary, Cypress and Lemon
When you need to feel invigorated, this stimulating blend promotes concentration, clear thinking, and vitality.

DIRECTIONS: The roll-on applicator makes it easy to apply the oil directly to your skin, allowing for quick absorption and targeted relief. Lightly apply directly onto your pulse points, such as your temples, inner wrists and inner elbows, and can also be used on the chest, back of neck, shoulders, and bottom of feet.  Take three slow, deep breaths and allow the aroma to envelop your senses.

CAUTION: For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eyes and other sensitive areas. Keep away from direct flame. If pregnant or nursing, consult a physician before using essential oils.

STORAGE: Store at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.


  • Suitable for vegans
  • 6 months shelf life once opened
  • Easy to apply with a glass rollette bottle
  • Quick absorption with Vitamin E carrier oil base
  • 100% pure and natural essential oils that are 100% authentic and free of pesticides, synthetics, stretching, or adulteration of any kind
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