Protocols to Reduce Spread of Covid-19 During Your Massage

MASSAGE IN TIMES OF COVID-19:   I am taking the utmost precautions, including wearing a medical grade respirator, offering surgical masks to clients, keeping the massage room ventilated (windows open), airing out the room between clients for at least thirty minutes, running air purifiers with HEPA filters during and between massages, and sanitizing surfaces between clients. While there is no way to give or receive massage in a 100% risk-free environment right now, rest assured I am doing all I can to keep all my clients safe during these strange and scary times. 

On the day of your appointment, I will require you to:

  • ALLOW ME TO TAKE YOUR TEMPERATURE. I have a no-contact thermometer available. This fever-screening should in no way be taken as evidence that you do not have Covid-19. Only a Covid test can tell you that for certain. But if your temperature is 100 or higher, you will be sent home. 

  • ARRIVE ON TIME, BUT NOT EARLY. If you ARE early, please wait in your car or somewhere nearby where you can practice social distancing until your appointment time. This is to reduce the potential of viral spread in our lobbies. You may come into the building to use the restroom before your appointment, but because of my need to air the room out between clients, I will not take clients early. I will open the door to the treatment room 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. 

  • WEAR A MASK. I will provide a 3-ply surgical mask for you to wear during your appointment, if you would like, or you can wear your own cloth face covering from home. We do require all people wear masks in the common areas, so please have your cloth mask or other face covering on before you enter the Space building. 

  • WASH YOUR HANDS. You will be required to wash your hands before your appointment. You can do this in the public restroom or at the sink in my treatment room. 

  • SIGN A WAIVER. I will have a Covid-19 related waiver for you to sign at each appointment. This waiver indicates that you know the symptoms of Covid-19 and are not experiencing any of them. (And yes, I will be sterilizing the pen between clients!)