These individuals, books, or companies can be part of your total wellness program.

These are not affiliate links-- they are just people or products or companies I believe in. 

Other Wellness Products

  • Lavilin Natural Deodorant (Regular deodorants and anti-perspirants have dangerous chemicals that go right into your lymph system when you put them on your armpits, and most natural deodorants don't work very well-- This is the only product I have found that actually works for me, and I only have to put it on every few days, even if I shower every day! It's amazing.) 

  • Cannabis Basics Non-intoxicating pain relief., woman-owned business. My favorite product is the XXX Rescue Butter. Some of these products (including the Rescue Butter) are available through me or at PCC. I think you can also order directly from the company via phone. 

  • Vitanica  Herbal support for mood balancing, menopause, and more. (I personally love the mood tonic to uplift and keep me cheerful, the GABAEase for anxiety, and the Women's Passage for menopause. Check with your Naturopath or other doctor to find out what's right for you.)