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EVOLUTION: An All-Genders Dance 

What is Evolution?

EVOLUTION DANCE IS ON INDEFINITE HIATUS, effective Sept 2018. We have very much enjoyed creating these special evenings, and we are grateful to all who have attended. See below for description of what Evolution Dance has been. (Written in the present tense, despite currently not being an ongoing offering.)

Evolution is a monthly dance gathering for all genders (trans or cisgender, men, women, nonbinary, fluid, and questioning) with a focus on enthusiastic consent. This dance is led by Katrina Koleto and Kevin Haggerty, a cis-female passing genderfluid person and a cis man who are in partnership in a multitude of ways. We strive to make the space safe for everyone--  women, trans folks, People of Color, people with disabilites, and everyone else too.

We are always open to feedback from members of oppressed groups about how to make the space more welcoming, and we as leaders of this circle attempt to educate ourselves and those who attend (to do the emotional labor of education so the oppressed folks don't always have to). 

This dance is different than some of the other Seattle dances because of our focus on gender inclusion, especially trans inclusion. Towards this end, we are compensating members of the trans community for consulting with us about how to coordinate and conduct our dance with more inclusivity, and we also occasionally invite trans folks to guest DJ/facilitate for us in order to amplify trans voices.

We actively work to educate our dance community about trans issues so that the education of cis folks isn't always left up to the trans community. We firmly believe that the next evolution of our Western culture is for cis folks to speak up and demand freedom from the patriarchal violence that is enacted on all of us, and specifically on trans folks, in our society. 

We actively work to create a space where folks can dance, play, sing, cry, laugh, share, and enjoy siblinghood, support, and connection. If you have any feedback, please reach out via Facebook, or send Katrina an email.

Evolution is usually DJed as a collaboration between Kevin and Katrina, and we hold the container by facilitating short opening and closing circles. Occasionally we have guest DJs or facilitators from the trans community, in order to promote trans visibilty and support trans voices. If you are trans and you’d like to DJ or facilitate one of our dances, please contact Katrina here. (Please note, your facilitation does not have to be ABOUT being trans-- we aren't asking you to be a spokesperson for all trans folks; our intention is to lift the voices of individual trans folks and give them the space to share whatever work/topics they are most aligned with!) 

Evolution strives to be a trans-inclusive, LGBQ-friendly, fat-positive, anti-racist, many abilities welcome, and a consent-focused space. If you experience anything contrary to that experience, please talk to Kevin or Katrina. We are here to support you and create an accountable culture.

Because our intention is to create a safe and sacred space to step out of our roles as guardians, caregivers, parents, etc. and to feel into, process, and express about all aspects of our lives-- our jobs, partners, kids, parents, addictions, abuse, violence, pleasure, exploration, fears, dreams, etc etc-- participants must be 18 or older. Exceptions will be made for exceptional teens on a case by case basis. (Please contact us prior to the day of the day of the dance if inquiring about bringing a teen.)

The dance floor will remain a sacred, non-verbal space as much as possible (please use words as needed to take care of yourself, but take longer conversations to one of the other rooms). 

We encourage you to treat Evolution as a substance-free environment so that we can connect with clear, grounded minds & hearts and can offer authentic consent. Please refrain from indulging recreationally before/during attending. (Of course, if you need medications, please be sure to take them as required!) 

To stay updated on Evolution and other events we host, please join our Facebook group: Fridays at Balance

Evolution Agreements & Commitments

  • I understand that if someone is making me uncomfortable, I have the right to speak to one of the facilitators privately about it and/or ask for support from the facilitation team.
  • I commit to taking responsibility for myself and asking for support when I need it.

  • I commit to cultivating my own awareness of whether or not I am available to support others when asked, and then acting accordingly.

  • I commit to clearly stating my boundaries as needed to take care of myself.

  • I agree to honor my Yes’s and my No’s.

  • I agree to honor others’ Yes’s and their No’s.

  • I agree to make no assumptions based on past experience (except in cases with explicit prior agreements, i.e "perma-consent").

  • I commit to an intention of kindness for all who participate here, while understanding that my version of kindness may look very different from another’s.

  • I agree to assume that others in attendance are operating with an intention of kindness.

  • I understand that we are co-creating a hate-free environment. I understand that blatant acts or words of hate (racism, transphobia, homophobia, etc.) are grounds for my immediate removal from the space.

  • I agree that if I enact unintentional violence or microaggressions, this will be met as an opportunity for education. I will be open to feedback regarding my actions or words. I understand that if I am not open to feedback, I may be asked to leave. 

  • During circle, I agree to speak about and from my own experiences. I will not share others’ stories.

  • During circle, I agree to speak only my own name when sharing, unless I have prior permission.

  • What happens in this circle, stays in this circle. All shares are confidential, and I agree to keep that confidentiality.

  • I agree to no crosstalk during circle shares. No interruptions, no direct responses, no advice, no piggybacking.

  • If someone’s share stirs something in me that wants to be shared too, I agree to pause, waiting until one more person has spoken, and then share.

  • If I want to talk to someone later about what they shared during circle, I agree to ask their permission to refer to their share and wait for consent before continuing. 

  • I agree to not make any assumptions about anyone else's gender, sexuality, or anything else. 

  • I agree to ask the facilitators for clarification about any of the above agreements that I do not understand or cannot agree to.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a living document. We will update it as the fluid needs of the group shift. If there is something here you don’t want to agree to, or something you want to see added, please reach out to Katrina or Kevin.

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